JCP GEO-EX SERVICES, INC. or JGSI is primarily a drilling services provider specializing in Nickel-Laterite exploration. JGSI uses a diverse array of drilling equipment, depending on the terrain requirements. Thus the company has an inventory of portable and self-dragging rotary rigs, some of which it had designed and fabricated.

Last year 2017, JGSI drilled a total of 82,385 meters. About 85% of this were on nickel laterites. Our biggest drilling clients last year included Carrascal Nickel Corporation, Marcventures Mining Development Corporation, and Southwestern Cement Corporation.

This year, JGSI has completed a 1,000-meter Ni-laterite drill contract in Dinagat and has an ongoing 2,700-meter contract in Tawi-Tawi, both for subsidiaries of Carrascal Nickel Corporation.

Total aggregate depth drilled to date is in excess of 600,000 meters depth including some 95,000 meters drilled abroad.

Since JGSI's humble start as a drilling services provider in 1998, the company has completed drilling contracts for more than 100 companies in the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Solomon Islands.

While 90% of the contracts have been on Ni-laterites and bauxite cores, JGSI has also drilled a number of coal and hard rock prospects over the years. Among them were contracts for coal prospects in Dalaguete, Cebu, and North Kalimantan, Indonesia, gold prospects in Masbate, Panganiban, and Camarines Norte, and concrete aggregates, limestone and pozzolan prospects in Cebu and Luzon.

This year (2018), JGSI drilled or is drilling for a number of cement companies, notably Southwestern Cement Corporation in Malabuyoc, Cebu; Eagle Cement subsidiaries in Calatagan, Batangas and Pagbilao, Quezon; and Republic Cement and Building Materials Inc in Danao and Asturias, Cebu Province and Teresa, Rizal.

JGSI has also conducted a number of geotechnical studies for several companies in the Philippines (GHD, UHI, and APC Group Inc. to name a few). The scope of work had generally consisted of drilling with self-dragging hydraulic rigs and included permeability tests.

This year, JGSI has already conducted Geotech drilling and related studies for projects in North Harbor, Hermana Mayor/Zambales, Lalawinan, Quezon and Pulanai, Bukidnon. The company also has an ongoing contract in Davao. All JGSI geotech projects so far this year are in cooperation with GHD Pty, Ltd.

JGSI assures a high standard of drilling protocols using JORCC standard and with due consideration to health, safety, environment and community relations.

In 2007, JGSI expanded its capability to allied services in geological investigations such as exploration planning/programming, core logging, samples preparation and mineral resource/reserves assessments.

JGSI was granted ISO 9001:2000 certification on its operations March 19, 2008. This was updated last year to ISO 9001:2015 with Certificate Number 01 100 075095.

JGSI signed its first international contract in April, 2008 with Regency Mines, Plc., a London based company in a JVA with Canopus 183 to drill its Ni-Laterite prospect in Popondetta, Papua New Guinea. JGSI implemented a 4,000-meter program for Phase I in 2008. JGSI returned in 2011 to drill the 4,000-meter Phase II contract, this time a JVA between Regency Mines, Plc. and Direct Nickel, Inc.

Just before the Indonesian government's ban on Direct Shipping Ores (DSO's) in April 2012, JGSI had completed a 51,000-meter comprehensive Bauxite drilling contract with a major Indonesian company, PT Harita Prima Abadi Mineral (HPAM) for its project in West Kalimantan. JGSI also drilled some 30,000-meters of drill contracts for HPAM's sister companies in Sulawesi, namely PT TrimegahBangunPersada in Obi Island, and PT Kemakmuran Pertiwi Tambang in Ekor, Halmahera,.

In November 2014, JGSI conducted a 1,500-meter due diligence drilling program for Jinchuan Group on a Ni-laterite project in Obi Island, Sulawesi. The contract also included onsite geological services, geodetic surveys and field sample preparation.

In 2015, JGSI signed a 10,000-meter drill contract with AXIOM KB Limited for its Isabel Ni-Laterite Project in the Solomon Islands. Using just three rigs, JGSI eventually drilled 10,500 meters in less than 100 days of operation.

JGSI is registered as a local company in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands.

In the Philippines, some of JGSI's biggest clients for Ni-laterite drilling were the following:

  • 1. BenguetCorp Nickel Mines, Inc. - 56,000m
  • 2. MarcVentures Mining and Development Corporation - 25,000m
  • 3. Carrascal Nickel Corporation - 70,000m
  • 4. Techiron Resources Inc. - 13,000m
  • 5. Ipilan Nickel Corporation - 47,000m
  • 6. QNI/BhP Billiton - 45,000m
  • 7. MacroAsia Corporation - 24,000m
  • 8. Philnico Mining and Ind'l Corporation - 22,000m
  • 9. Eramen Minerals, Inc. - 19,000m
  • 10. MRL Gold Philippines - 16,000m
  • 11. Intex Resources Philippines, Inc. - 13,000m

Even with the increasingly difficult mining and exploration climates in both the Philippines and Indonesia, JGSI had managed to stay busy last 2016 - drilling cores and conducting a number of geotechnical and geohazard mapping studies.

This year 2018, JGSI is yet again at the forefront of the industry.

To God be all the glory!!

(Updated as of June 6, 2018)

JGSI gives utmost importance to quality. In return for the trust our clients put in us, we work to give results that are credible and satisfactory. It is the company’s belief that creating an environment where people can not only best use their capabilities but also continuously improve will also define a workplace of good quality and values.

In line with this, JGSI is a proud holder of an ISO 9001:2015 certificate. We undergo an annual external audit to check and improve our quality management system for the benefit of our clients.

ISO 9001:2015 is the updated standard for quality management systems, one of the best known standards issued by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization.